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What Are Categories?

Categories provide context and are used to organize your Ideas in Kindling. Categories can be set up thematically (around specific initiatives or product lines, for example), or aligned with departments (IT, HR, etc). Kindling participants are given a set number of votes per Category, which they may then distribute among the Category’s Ideas.

Categories will sometimes be divided into Subcategories. For example: a Category might have Subcategories for various teams, or for specific, long-term goals. Each Subcategory has its own vote tally, and every Category and Subcategory must have a unique name.

For example, Summit is a bank, while Tracer is a bike company, and both have different Category trees but an overall similar approach to the sorting of their Ideas.

various category trees

How Can I View a Category?

From the top menu in Kindling, select “Categories.” If you do not have access to any Categories, this link will appear greyed out.

categories selection

In the ‘Active’ tab, a list of the Categories you have access to will appear, as well as the number of Ideas in each Category. Clicking on the ‘Closed’ tab will display all Categories which have been closed.

categories list

If you have access to more than 25 Categories, the Categories view will automatically adjust to make finding Categories simpler. A search bar will appear at the top of the screen, enabling you to directly access a particular Category. Only Main level/Parent Categories will be displayed, with navigational arrows to access subcategories.

categories list

Clicking on the name of a Category will pull up the Category page, with a list of all open Ideas, as well as the number of votes available for you and the Moderators for that Category.

categories view

How Can I View All Ideas in a Category?

When viewing a Category, select the “All” tab. By default, all Ideas are shown, regardless of state. You can filter the Ideas by state, and also sort by date created, updated, or by the highest number of votes.

Category All Ideas View

When viewing a Category, select the “Popular” tab.

categories popular view

Ideas are ordered by the number of votes they've received, which is displayed both as a number at the bottom of the idea (the checkmark) and when you move your mouse over them.

How Can I See All Ideas That I've Voted On in a Category?

To see all Ideas you've voted on, click on the tab labeled "Voted".

voted tab

This will display all of the Ideas you have voted on, in chronological order. Here, you can add and remove votes and review your current vote distribution.

How Can I See All Posts that Have Been Added to a Category?

In the Category, click on the tab labeled "Posts".

Posts tab

This will be display all Posts in this Category, listed in chronological order.

Can I See Who the Moderators Are in a Category?

The avatars of the moderators in any given Category are displayed along the right side of each Category page.


Clicking on the avatars brings up the profile of the associated Moderator.

How Do I Share a Cateogry?

While viewing the Category, click on the gear icon on the right side of the screen and select ‘Share’.

share category

In the share dialog box, enter the recipient(s) you would like to share the Category with. When entering recipients, keep in mind that the Category can only be shared with users who have access to that Category.

Next, enter an optional message for the recipient.

share dialog category

Click the ‘Share’ button. The recipients will receive an email and in-app notification indicating you have shared a Category with them.

share category in-app