• Basics


Where Can I Add a Comment?

Comments can be added to Ideas or Posts in Kindling.

How Do I Add a Comment?

When viewing an Idea or Post, a comment box appears at the bottom of the page. Type your thoughts into the comments box, and include links, images, videos or attachments to support your comment. Then click “Add Comment” and the comment will show up with your username attached.

Add a Comment

How Do I Delete a Comment?

To remove a comment, click on the actions menu (gear icon) in the upper right corner of the comment box, then select "Remove". Administrators can remove comments from any Idea or Post in Kindling. Moderators can remove comments on Ideas and Posts in Categories they Moderate. All Kindling users can remove comments they've added to Ideas or Posts.

Remove a Comment

Deleted Comments are listed in the Removed Entities Report.

How Do I Like a Comment?

Likes enable you to support great conversations in Kindling. You can like comments (your own, and comments submitted by others) in Ideas and Posts, or directly from the activity feed on the home screen by clicking on the thumbs up icon. Once you like a comment, the thumbs up symbol will highlight, indicating that you’ve activated it. You can always remove your Like by clicking a second time.

Liking comments in activity feed

How Can I See Who has Liked a Comment?

A count of likes appears on comments, and you can mouse over that count to see up to five participants who most recently liked the comment.

Likes count & participants who have liked a comment

Why Are Certain Comments Highlighted in the Display?

Moderator comments can be highlighted in Categories and Campaigns to elevate feedback from the decision-making team. When Moderator Comment Highlighting is turned on, comments from Moderators will automatically be distinguished by a bar of color on the right side of the comment. They will also include the word Moderator next to the commenter's name.

Highlight Moderator Comments