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What Are Drafts?

Drafts are works in progress that haven‘t made it to the fully-formed state you might like them to be in before sharing them with other Kindling participants. Kindling automatically saves a Draft of any new Idea or Post as you‘re working on it.

drafts autosave

To see your current Drafts, select your avatar in the top-right of the screen and click “Drafts”. All of the Ideas or Posts you've started, but have yet to contribute publicly to Kindling, will be listed here. Click on one to continue editing it.

To manually save a Draft, click "Save Draft" on the New Idea or New Post screen. The current state of the Idea or Post will be saved, and you can continue working on it at any time.

drafts save

Drafts are not displayed to any other Users, including Administrators.

How Can I Manage My Drafts?

To view existing drafts, select your avatar in the top-right of the screen and select “Drafts”.

manage my drafts

All existing drafts will be displayed; click on the title to continue editing one.

How Can I Delete Drafts?

To delete a draft, select your avatar in the top menu, then choose “Drafts”. Find the draft that you’d like to delete and click on the actions menu (gear icon) at the top-right of the draft. Then choose “Remove”. Delete Drafts

Can Moderators or Admins See My Drafts?

No. Drafts are only available to the User who creates them.