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How Can Google Translate Enhance My Experience of Kindling?

If you work at a multi-lingual company, chances are you‘ve experienced the difficulties of collaborating across the language barrier. Kindling, with Google Translate enabled, empowers Users to translate Ideas, Posts, and the related commentary into the language of the User interface. For example, English becomes Swedish:

a translated idea

How Do I Activate Google Translate?

To activate Kindling‘s built-in Google Translation service, your organization must first sign up for a Google API key. Details are available at the Google Translate Pricing page and can be managed through the Google APIs Console.

Once your company has a key, open Manage... Application Settings -> Services and check the box labeled “Enable auto-content translation”. Enter the API Key that Google has given you and select “Save”.

google api key

All translations are done to the language of the User interface; therefore, ensure that your Users can choose between various languages by following these steps.

Video: Introduction to Auto-Content Translation