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Kindling Guides

User Guide

Kindling's User Guide provides a quick look at the basic concepts and functionality that define Kindling. In this guide, we walk Kindling users through getting started with and being active participants in Kindling.

Moderator Guide

Our Moderator Guide introduces the privileges and responsibilities that come along with being a Kindling Moderator. Moderators help assess the value of ideas in Kindling and ultimately decide whether or not an Idea will be approved for implementation.

Administrator Guide

Kindling Administrators set up and manage your organization‘s Kindling instance. This document guides Administrators through configuring application settings, assigning Administrator and Moderator rights, managing users and setting up Groups and Categories in Kindling.

Setting up Kindling

This document guides Kindling Administrators through the initial setup and customization of their Kindling instance.

Content Removal Guide

Kindling recognizes that it‘s sometimes necessary to remove content from your Kindling site. For instance, a Category may become no longer relevant, a participant may leave your organization, or a User may post an inappropriate Idea or Comment. Our Content Removal Guide steps through each object in Kindling and notes its removable and non-removable elements.