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What Are Masked Ideas?

A masked Idea is any Idea whose creator has decided not to attach their name to. Masked Ideas appear in Kindling with a special “Masked User” avatar, and other Users in the system cannot see who contributed them.

masked idea

In order to prevent abuse, Administrators of Kindling can view the identities of Users who contribute Masked Ideas.

Users who create Masked Ideas can “unmask” themselves at any time.

How Do I Create a Masked Idea?

To create a masked idea, from the “Contribute As” selection at the bottom of the New Idea form, click the button next to “Masked User”.

masking an idea

You’ll receive a message about the consequences of this.

To unmask an Idea, click the button next to your name.

How Do I Reclaim a Masked Idea?

To claim an Idea you submitted as Masked, select the “Edit” tab while viewing the Idea.

masked edit

Then, from the Edit screen, scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Contribute As” field and click the button next to your name and avatar. Your name will be attached to the Idea from that point forward. You will not be able to re-mask yourself once you have done this.

How Do Masked Ideas Affect Reputation Points?

Reputation points are not earned on masked ideas until a User unmasks themselves. Once unmasked, the User will earn reputation points and the Idea will be displayed on their profile page amongst other ideas they've submitted.

Who Can See the Creator of a Masked Idea?

The administrators of a Kindling can view the identities of Users who contribute Masked Ideas by visiting the Masked Ideas report. This is to prevent abuse of the feature.