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How Do I Mention Someone in an Idea, Post, or Comment?

You can mention the name of another Kindling User in the description of an Idea or Post once you’ve selected the Category or Campaign that the Idea or Post will belong to. You can also mention others when commenting on an Idea or Post.

To mention a particular User, enter the @ symbol and begin typing their name. Name suggestions will appear as you type and you can click on the desired User.

mention select user

You can mention multiple Users as well by listing out their names in succession—e.g. @David Long @Jane Lucas. The Users you have mentioned will then appear in the description or comment.

mention in comment

What Are Some Shortcuts I Can Use to Mention Groups of People?

You can mention the Moderators of the Category or Campaign, as well as all Users participating in the Category or Campaign.

To mention the Moderators of a Category/Campaign, you would enter @Moderators.

mention moderators

If you would like to call attention to everyone participating in the Category/Campaign, you would enter @all.

mention in post

Administrators can allow all Users to mention @all or they can limit that ability to Administrators and Moderators via the Kindling Application Settings.

If I Mention Someone in a Comment, Idea, or Post, Will They Be Notified?

When someone is mentioned, they will receive an in-app notification, as well as an email notification. The notifications include a link to the Comment, Idea or Post where they are mentioned.

mention in post

How Do I View the Profile of a User Mentioned in an Idea or Post?

Simply clicking on the name of the individual mentioned in the Idea or Post will take you to the User profile of that individual.