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What Are Posts?

Posts are a great way to disseminate information to Kindling participants. Some common uses for Posts are to introduce a Campaign or motivate activity around a Kindling initiative. Posts have a structure similar to Ideas, and Participants can comment on Posts, but there is no voting component.

To view all the Posts in Kindling, select Posts from the top menu. To view all Posts in a Category or Campaign, click the “Posts” tab from the Category or Campaign screen. Posts will be listed in chronological order.

posts view

Who Can Make a Post?

Any User marked as an Editor in Kindling can make a Post in any Category that they have access to. Administrators can assign Editor rights, and are themselves automatically Editors. An administrator can also allow all Users in their Kindling, regardless of having Editor privileges, to be able to create Posts by configuring the “All Users can create Posts” setting in Application Settings.

Everyone Can Post

How Do I Attach Documents to a Post?

Documents can be attached to a Post once a draft of the Post has been saved to Kindling. Simply click the “browse” button that appears below the description field and select the document that you wish to attach. You may repeat this process to attach multiple documents.

Upload Multiple Attachments

Attachments appear below the Post description. Images will be displayed inline, while video will, after a short wait, be available to play back within the browser. All other attachments appear as clickable icons with the name of the attachment alongside it.

How Do I Create a Post?

To create a Post, select 'Posts' from the top menu, then click 'Create'.

Select Posts

Create Post

Then enter a title and description. Next, select a Category or Campaign that your Post relates to. Your selection will determine which Users can see what you‘ve posted. To reach a broader audience, you‘ll want to select a Category or Campaign that most or all Users have access to; for a more targeted Post, select a Category or Campaign with limited readership. You may add tags to the Post to add context and make it easier for Users to find in searches. To add multiple tags at once, enter a list of keywords separated by commas. Finally, click “Publish this Post” to submit the Post to Kindling.

You automatically follow Posts that you author and any that you've commented on, and you will receive notifications about any comments on your Post.

Who Can See a Post?

Each Post has a corresponding Category, and only Users with access to that Category can view and comment on its Posts.

How Do I add Multimedia to a Post?

There are two ways to add images and multimedia to a Post. The first is to use the built-in attachments system, beneath the Post description. An image uploaded here will appear alongside the Post when it's displayed to Users. post attachment

Additionally, if there's a video or image hosted elsewhere on the internet you'd like to add, you can add it by clicking on the relevant button in the Post body and entering the URL for it.

posts insert image

posts insert video

How Do I Comment on a Post?

Beneath each Post, there is a list of comments pertaining to it. To add your own, simply type your comment into the box beneath the list and click “Add Comment”.

posts comment

How Do I Disable Commenting on a Post?

Only Administrators and Moderators can disable public Comments on Posts in Kindling. Administrators can disable comments on any Post; Moderators can disable comments on Posts in Categories they Moderate.

There are two ways to disable public commenting on a Post. The first is, when viewing a Post, to click on the actions menu (gear icon) in the upper right corner of the Post, then select “Disable user comments”.

Disable Comments through Gear

You can also disable comments on a Post using the control box directly under the comments when viewing a Post.

Disable Comments through Control Box

When commenting is disabled on a Post, a notification will be displayed on the View Post page letting all participants know that comments have been disabled.

Comments Disabled on Post

Note that when public comments are disabled on a Post, Administrators and Moderators may still comment on that Post.

How Do I Edit a Post After I’ve Created It?

To edit a Post you‘ve created, click on the “Edit” button above the Post.

posts edit

You can change the title and description or add more tags. You can also change the Post‘s Category.

How Do I Delete a Post?

Moderators and Administrators can delete Posts by opening the Post, opening the action menu, and selecting “Remove”.

remove post

Deleted Posts are listed in the Removed Entities Report.

Can I See a Preview of a Post before I Submit it?

When creating a Post, click the “Preview” button at the bottom-right of the page to see how it will appear on the site. Previews are only available once a Draft of your Post has been created.

Preview a Post

To continue editing your Post, click the “Continue editing” link in the yellow message box at the top of the screen. To submit your Post, click “Publish this Post”.

Can I Translate other Users’ Posts to My Native Language?

If your account administrator has enabled Google Translation support as well as multiple languages, Kindling will display a button on the right side of any Idea or Post labeled “Translate”.

posts translate

When clicked, the contents of the Idea or Post, including all of the comments, will be sent to Google Translate and returned in the language of your User interface. For example, if your interface is set to French-Canadian, and you click translate on an Idea in English, the system will translate it to French for you. To show the original, click Translate again.