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What Are Reputation Points?

Reputation points are a record of how many actions a participant has taken in Kindling. A tally of each user’s reputation points is displayed on the leaderboard alongside their username, as well as on the profile card that appears when you mouse over their username.

reputation points

How Do I Earn Reputation Points?

Reputation points can be earned in a number of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • submitting Ideas and having Ideas approved by Moderators
  • commenting on Ideas
  • voting on Ideas
  • filling out Assessment requests
  • uploading an avatar

You do not lose reputation points for removing Comments.

How Does the Leaderboard Work?

The leaderboard is based on users‘ reputation, a score that‘s calculated by taking into account how active and influential a particular user has been in the Kindling ecosystem. Users receive reputation points for a variety of actions including submitting an Idea, voting, commenting on an Idea or Post, and uploading an avatar. The Leaderboard displays the ten Kindling participants with the highest reputation scores.


By default, the leaderboard lists and sorts reputation based on the last 90 days of activity. You can also sort by activity within the last calendar month, or all-time reputation, by choosing those options from the menu above the leaderboard.

leaderboard sorted

The leaderboard can be disabled by Administrators.