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How Can I Suggest a Revision to an Idea?

All Users can suggest revisions to other User’s Ideas in Kindling by opening an Idea and clicking the “Revise” tab above the Idea. Moderators and Administrators also have the option of directly editing another User‘s Idea.

revise suggestion

You can edit the description of the Idea and if you do so you will be asked to provide a note explaining your proposed changes.

Suggested revisions are emailed to the Idea’s creator for approval. An in-app notification about the proposed revision will also be sent, and two days later an email reminding them to take action on your proposal will be sent.

Only one revision to an Idea can be proposed at a time; if one revision has been proposed, no other Users can propose a revision until the Idea‘s author accepts or declines the current revision.

A User whose proposed revision is accepted is listed as a Contributor to the Idea, and receives reputation points based on that.

How Do I Know If My Suggested Revision Has Been Accepted or Declined?

The User who proposed the revision will receive an email letting them know whether their revision was approved or declined.