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How Do I Use Kindling Search?

Search is accessible from any page in Kindling. To search, click on the magnifying glass in the top menu, enter your query, then hit the enter/return key.

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Kindling Search enables you to find content, such as Ideas and Posts, or to search for other Kindling participants. From the search results screen, you may limit your results to Ideas, Posts, or Users by unchecking the items you’re not interested in seeing.

How Does Kindling Search Work?

Kindling‘s search functionality allows you to search for Ideas, Posts, and Users. Searches for Ideas and Posts are performed against the title, description, and tags of Ideas or Posts that you have access to, while Users are searched by Usernames, Skills, and Interests. Search results are limited to the first 20; if you don’t see what you’re looking for, try narrowing your search or removing content you’re not interested in. You can choose to only see search results in Ideas, Posts, or Users by selecting the option to the right of the search results.

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Are Comments Searchable?

No, comments are not searchable at this time.

Can I Search for a Particular Category or Campaign?

Category and Campaign names do not appear in search results, and the search for Ideas and Posts is not performed against Category or Campaign names. However, you can filter the Categories and Campaigns you have access to on their index page.

To view a list of all Categories or Campaigns you have access to, click on the relevant menu item at the top of the screen. Then select the Category or Campaign name to see all related Ideas and Posts. For accounts with a large number of Categories or Campaigns, the list can be filtered via the box above the list of Categories.

Are Completed Ideas Displayed in Search Results?

Yes, Ideas in all workflow states are displayed in search results. If an idea is in any state other than the default state, “Open”, a bar indicating the state name will appear across the Idea, beneath the Idea title.

Are Deactivated Users Included in Search Results?

No, only active Kindling Users appear in search results.

Are Ideas in Ended Campaigns or Closed Campaigns and Categories Included in Search Results?

Ideas in ended Campaigns or closed Campaigns or Categories will still appear in search.

Does Kindling Keep a Record of What I’ve Searched?

Kindling keeps a record of your searches in order to provide better recommendations that are more applicable to your areas of interest. Searches are not shared with any other Kindling Users, Moderators, or Administrators.