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The Tags page displays a media-centric grid of the most popular tags in Kindling. Tag names are displayed along with a tally of how often the tag was used and images pulled from Ideas or Posts tagged with the tag.

Tags Page

To access the Tags page, click the menu button in the top menu and select “Tags”.

Accessing tags

Click on a particular tag for a more in-depth look at the content associated with that tag.

How Can I See All of the Tags Created in Kindling?

Administrators can view all tags created in Kindling by accessing the Keyword Usage report. To view this report, click the menu button in the top menu, choose Reports, then select Keyword Usage.

Access Reports

This displays a list of all tags and details where they are used in Kindling.

Why Should I Use Tags?

Tags provide context and discoverability. They relate different pieces of content, and group Ideas and Posts with similar themes. Tags are also searchable in Kindling to make content more easily found.

With Kindling's tagging interface, content grouped by tags is displayed in a visually enticing display which provides inspiration to your Kindling community and sparks conversation about Ideas.

How Do I Tag Content in Kindling?

To add tags to your own content from the New Idea or Post window, type relevant keywords into the tag field, separated by commas, and click “Add”. As you type, Kindling will prompt you with similar keywords that are already in the system.

Tagging my content

To add tags to content that others have posted, click on an Idea or Post in the activity feed. On the right side of the screen, you‘ll see a Tags section where you can view tags associated with the content and add or remove tags.

Public tagging

How Do I Remove a Tag?

When viewing an Idea/Post, tags are listed on the right side of the screen. Click the “X” next to tag that you want to remove.

Remove Tags