• Basics

User Roles and Responsibilities

What Abilities Does a Basic Kindling User Have?

Users can create, comment, and vote on ideas. They can share ideas with others and volunteer to help implement them. In addition, they can comment on Posts pertaining to Campaigns or Categories.

What Is a Kindling Moderator?

Moderators help assess the value of Ideas in Kindling and ultimately decide whether an Idea will be approved for implementation. Moderators have the ability to change the state of Ideas in the system. They can communicate about ideas with other moderators through private comments, or gather feedback about ideas through Assessments. Moderators can be assigned directly to Categories and Campaigns.

What Is a Kindling Editor?

Editors can create Posts in any Category or Campaign that they have access to. Administrators are automatically Editors, and are also able to assign Editor rights to individuals or enable all Kindling users to add Posts.

What Is a Kindling Administrator?

Administrators are users who have full access to all of the settings in Kindling. They customize the look of your Kindling site and configure defaults such as timezone and languages used. Administrators can also enable integrations with external services like Yammer and Google Translate.

Administrators are responsible for managing user access to Kindling. They can invite and deactivate users, change user settings and set up Groups for permissioning.

Like Moderators, Kindling Administrators can gather feedback about ideas through Assessments and manage access to Categories and Campaigns, but they have additional privileges which enable them to access all Categories and Campaigns in Kindling. Administrators can also view a wide array of Reports detailing how Kindling is used by your organization.