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How Does Voting Work?

Kindling invites users to add their votes to Ideas in the various Categories they have access to. Voting on an idea is anonymous—your name is not attached to an Idea when you vote for it.

Voting is one way for users to demonstrate their interest in an Idea to decision-makers in their company. The more votes an Idea has, the more employees there are who are interested in seeing it implemented.

Voting is even more important in Campaigns, which are time-limited, because often voting is used to determine which Ideas "win" the Campaign. There's no use in not spending all of your votes, so spread them around to the Ideas you like.

By default, you have ten votes to distribute per Category or Campaign, but this can also be updated by administrators or Moderators of each Category or Campaign.

Video: Introduction to Voting

How Do I Vote on an Idea?

When viewing an Idea, voting buttons appear on the right-hand side of the page. You will see how many people have voted for the Idea, and the number of votes currently available to you in the Idea’s Category. Press the + button to vote for the Idea, and - to retract your vote(s).

voting buttons

Votes demonstrate the popularity of an Idea to Moderators, and are a primary criterion for most organizations when deciding which Ideas to implement.

You may want to vote on Ideas while in Category View. In this mode, voting buttons appear to the right of Idea titles, along with the current vote total.

category voting buttons

How Do I Get My Votes Back?

Votes are returned to your pool in each Category when an Idea is Approved, Declined, Completed, Paused, or moved to a custom state that doesn't allow for voting. Additionally, you can take votes back from Open Ideas at any time by viewing the Idea in its Category list or by opening the Idea itself and pressing the “-” button. You might want to redistribute your votes when a new Idea is created that you feel strongly about, or simply if you change your mind about an Idea you previously supported.

How Can I See All of the Ideas I’ve Voted on in a Category or Campaign?

In the Category or Campaign, click on the tab labeled "Voted".

voted tab

This will display all of the Ideas you currently have voted on, in chronological order. Here, you can add and remove votes and review your current vote distribution.