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Why Should I Integrate Kindling with Yammer?

If Yammer is already a part of your organization‘s workflow, integrating Kindling with Yammer is a great way to broadcast your innovation efforts. Content posted to Kindling is automatically shared on your Yammer feed, and a tally of Yammer likes and comments are displayed in Kindling. You can even take advantage of Yammer authentication for Kindling which enables Users to log into Kindling with their existing Yammer credentials. This lowers the barrier to accessing Kindling by giving your Users one fewer Username and password to keep track of.

How Does Yammer Integrate with Kindling?

Once Yammer is turned on, the following actions take place:

  • Kindling Campaign launches are announced in the Yammer feed.

  • Any Idea created in a Category that all Users have access to is automatically posted to Yammer. If the User who created the Idea has an account in your organization's Yammer (determined by email address), their account posts the Idea into the Yammer feed. Otherwise, the Idea is posted by the Kindling User whose account was used to activate the Kindling-Yammer connection.

yammer idea autoposted

  • Moderators can post any Idea in a Category that not all Users have access to by selecting the “Send To Yammer” option from the actions menu.

yammer send

  • Any tags on an Idea are added to the Yammer post as “Topics”.

yammer tags as topics

  • Any Idea that has a Yammer counterpart will display the current number of Likes and comments on that Idea in Yammer, as well as a link to the Idea in Yammer.

yammer likes comments

The details of the integration process are explained both in the application under Manage... -> Application Settings -> Services, as well as How do I set up Yammer integration?

How Do I Set Up Yammer Integration?

You may set Kindling to automatically post your company’s public feed to Yammer. Yammer will display those Posts and Ideas that are open to all Users, and will link back into Kindling for further discussion.

To activate Yammer integration:

  • Create a working email account with an address like kindling@yourcompany.com.
  • Go to the Yammer Sign In page for your network (be sure you’re signed out of any Yammer network user account before you do this) and click on the “Sign Up” button. Enter kindling@yourcompany.com and click “Join”. This will generate an email sent to kindling@yourcompany.com.
  • Go to your email account for kindling@yourcompany.com, open the email, and click on the link to activate your account. This will take you to the Yammer activation page.
  • Set up this User account by entering into First Name and Last Name something approximating your Kindling instance (for example, First Name: Acme’s Idea, Last Name: Application). Upload the application icon in the photo section, then click “Save”.
  • Sign out of this Yammer account, and sign back into Yammer with your admin User account.
  • Elevate the kindling@yourcompany.com User to admin status.
  • Sign out of your Yammer network as the admin User, then sign back in as the kindling@yourcompany.com admin User—now you are ready to connect Kindling with the Yammer network.
  • Check “Enable Yammer Integration” below, then click on the “Initiate Access Token Request”. This will take you to a Yammer page asking you to authorize Kindling to be linked to your network—choose “Allow” to authorize the connection.

Once you have been redirected back to Kindling, your Kindling account has been connected to Yammer. Ideas and Campaigns that all Users can access will be broadcast to the main Yammer feed, and Moderation events (e.g. approving or declining an Idea) will be broadcast into the Yammer activity stream. Additionally, Likes and Comments will be imported back into Kindling. If you have logged into Kindling using Yammer, your “expertise” and “interests” will be synced with Kindling’s “skills” and “interests” located in your User profile.

Some New Ideas in Kindling Aren't Syncing to Yammer. Why Is That?

Ideas will only be sent to Yammer automatically if they are in Categories that all of your Users can see. This is to protect the access levels and security you‘ve put in place in Kindling. If an Idea is part of a restricted Category or Campaign but you would still like it to appear in Yammer, Moderators or Administrators may accomplish that by selecting the “Send to Yammer” button from the actions menu on the Idea.

yammer send