7 Website Design Features That Are Growing In Popularity

7 Website Design Features That Are Growing In Popularity

Web design is something that never stands still. Just when you think you might have seen everything there is to see, and have a handle on what is current, along comes another trend, update, or new website design technology that moves everything on once more. We say this not to suggest it is negative. In fact, it is quite the opposite as it means that web design never becomes stayed or boring, which can only be a positive.

Positive as it is that web design is in a constant state of evolution, one problem that does arise is that you can lose track of what is currently popular for designing websites. This is especially so if you work outside the web design bubble and wish to know which current web design trends you should be discussing with the designers creating a new website for your business. To help you, we have outlined 7 web design features currently popular and likely to remain so for some time.

#1: Smaller Logos

Whilst having effective branding on your website will never cease to be important, there has been a move away from ‘in your face’ branding. In other words, huge logos dominating the home and other pages are out. Instead, smaller logo designs that appear more like icons are in, as this frees up much of the prime home page real estate for other, more important design elements.

#2: Rotating Animations

Rotating animations on the homepage have become extremely popular with website visitors. First, the fact that a different animation appears each time they visit provides an element of curiosity and anticipation. second, they can an almost hypnotic and calming effect if done correctly, which keeps visitors on the page, which as we all know is a key ranking factor.

#3: Illustrations Instead Of Photos

Following on from the point about animations, there has been a trend towards illustrations and drawings becoming the graphics of choice within website designs rather than photos and videos. Perhaps the recent pandemic and the fact that it meant less photography and videography were taking place has influenced this, but whilst illustrations are popular, take advantage of the fact it is what visitors like.

#4 Gradient Colours

Sticking with visuals, we now come to something which might not seem the most earth-shattering breakthrough, but nonetheless, it is providing to be a popular design trend. Colour gradients basically mean the tone and intensity of colours on a website page, and in particular, backgrounds, are graded across the page, rather than being the same across its entirety.

#5: A Choice Of Two Call To Actions

A long-standing principle of website design has been that a call to action should be clear and present in as many pages as possible. That still applies, but a tweak on this, that is currently proving to be very effective, is to have two calls to action side by side on a page. The thought process now for visitors is rather than saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to just a single call to action, they are minded to say ‘Yes’ to one or the other, meaning greater interaction and conversions.

 #6: ‘In-Motion’ Backgrounds

This is another modern web design trend where movement plays a part in making a website more appealing. It might only be subtle and not immediately obvious but when a web page background moves, it brings that page to life and the visitor is more likely to explore what is on that page.

#7: Large Buttons

With the ever-increasing use of mobile devices to access the internet, and the fact that they have smaller screens, using large buttons on websites to make it easier for visitors to click through and navigate a website are a currently popular web design feature.