15 Non-Negotiable Web Design Principles That Should Apply To Every Business Website

When you consider that online data shows that there are over 1 billion websites in the world, it is safe to say that web designers have been busy. It is also true to say that no two of those 1 billion websites will be 100% identical, either in how they function or how they look. There may be some that are similar, but we can be certain none are exactly the same in all ways.

Without meaning to contradict ourselves, many of those websites which have been professionally designed will have several commonalities. By that, we mean that they will have been designed by web designers following a set of key web design principles and best practices. For any website to be remotely successful, it must have been created by following what we like to call ‘non-negotiable” web design principles.

These principles are what form the foundation of top quality website design and are why those web designers who follow them without fail are the ones who create the best websites and earn the most praise. Here are fifteen of the non-negotiable web design principles we are referring to.