Eat, Work, Enjoy

Seeking balance between work and life is so often on people’s minds. More enjoyable work could tip the balance a little towards more life.

Some principles to live by:

  1. Eat good things.
  2. Work at what you love.
  3. Join the conversation, communicate well.
  4. Don’t go to bed with ideas buzzing around your head—share them.
  5. Find inspiration.
  6. Make your voice heard.
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How Evaluating Ideas is Like Finding the Right Halloween Costume

It’s Halloween, the day anyone who likes a chance to get dressed up or an excuse to eat candy has been waiting for.

For many, finding and designing a Halloween costume for yourself or your children is daunting. There are several factors to consider: What’s your budget? Do you like wearing face paint? What will the weather be? How much time do you have to buy or construct your costume? Are you shooting for a best costume prize?

Finding the Right Halloween Costume
After many years of struggling to find the right costume, I’ve finally discovered the process for finding the perfect Halloween costume: