How Evaluating Ideas is Like Finding the Right Halloween Costume

How Evaluating Ideas is Like Finding the Right Halloween Costume

It’s Halloween, the day anyone who likes a chance to get dressed up or an excuse to eat candy has been waiting for.

For many, finding and designing a Halloween costume for yourself or your children is daunting. There are several factors to consider: What’s your budget? Do you like wearing face paint? What will the weather be? How much time do you have to buy or construct your costume? Are you shooting for a best costume prize?

Finding the Right Halloween Costume
After many years of struggling to find the right costume, I’ve finally discovered the process for finding the perfect Halloween costume:

  • Make a list of the ideas you’ve thought of over the past year
  • Discuss those ideas with a friend, spouse, or family member who can remind you that your son and daughter won’t want to wear matching cow costumes, or that you’ll be hot in a space suit all night or feel uncomfortable dressed as Miley Cyrus
  • Evaluate what you need for each idea, then compare with your budget and how much time you have
  • Select the best option, buy what you need, and build anything homemade
  • Enjoy your costume to the fullest and take pictures – Halloween only comes once a year!

Halloween Costumes and Idea Management Software
This process of finding, discussing, and evaluating ideas is exactly what idea management software helps businesses do better. Idea management software can seem unfamiliar, or it can be difficult to decide which product on the market is best for your needs. At its core, though, idea management software provides a way for your business to replicate the Halloween costume selection process: ideas, discussion, evaluation, and selection.

While my result is the perfect alien costume, complete with neon green and tin foil tentacles, companies who use idea management software see results ranging from enhanced internal communication to new product ideas to significant cost savings.

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