Our Mission

To modernize the enterprise experience with software people enjoy using.


Materials, easily lighted, for starting a fire. – Webster’s 1913

The Kindling brand promise has from its inception been to provide the means for igniting ideas and creative solutions for an organization, and—this is our brand differential—making that easy for an organization and its people.

This name and its definition applies not only to the Kindling application, but to our organization as a whole. Our values of clarity, coherence, and beauty through simplicity are variations on a theme which have been at the heart of our design-oriented approach, an approach that is proud to produce software that is easy and enjoyable to use. It’s from this experience—transforming the enterprise with enjoyment—that we get our mission To modernize the enterprise experience with software people enjoy using.

This mission is summarized in our tagline Software people enjoy using.

From its inception Kindling has been a product leader in enterprise software. On the one hand, Kindling’s product development has aligned with technology trends such as the consumerization of enterprise software and its user-friendly paradigms, and the rise of SaaS software with its clear, targeted focus. And on the other hand, Kindling has managed to avoid some of the common pitfalls of enterprise software, such as a patched-together hodgepodge of mismatched features and a lifeless corporate user experience, by maintaining an exemplary vision of clarity, coherence, and consistency.

It’s our challenge to avoid common forms of enterprise software representations and generic corporate expression while leveraging the uniqueness of our Kindling identity—materials, easily lighted, to ignite a fire—it’s our challenge to continue to represent this leadership position through our core values.