• Moderation

Basics of Moderation

What Is the Purpose of Moderation?

The purpose of moderation is to assess the value of Ideas in Kindling and ultimately decide whether Ideas will be approved for implementation.

Why Was I Appointed as a Moderator?

You may have been assigned the role of Moderator because you are very passionate about a particular challenge or are heavily invested in seeing an outcome realized. Your commitment to this particular Category or Campaign means you are most likely to stay engaged in discussion and responsive to Idea contributors.

What Abilities Do Moderators Have?

Moderators have the ability to move Ideas through an Idea Workflow towards a decision. They can edit Ideas that others have submitted or move Ideas from one Category to another. Moderators send out Evaluations to ask for feedback about Ideas and can discuss Ideas with other Moderators through the Moderator activity feed. Moderators can also create and edit Categories and Campaigns that they moderate to encourage User participation.

How Do I Know That I’ve Been Designated as a Moderator?

When you have been assigned the role of Moderator, you will receive an email notification providing resources for guidance with moderating Ideas in Kindling.

How Can I See Other Moderators in a Category?

The avatars of the Moderators in any given Category are displayed along the right side of each Category page.


Clicking on the avatars brings up the profile of the associated Moderator.

How Do I Moderate a Single Idea in a Category or Campaign?

To moderate an Idea in a Category or Campaign, select the Idea. From the Idea screen, you can edit the Idea to update the title, description, attachments, tags, and contributors, or to move the Idea to another Category.

Edit an Idea

You can also add comments to the Idea, disable User comments, request expert feedback through Assessments or change the state of the Idea.

How Do I Moderate Multiple Ideas in a Category or Campaign?

To moderate a group of Ideas in Kindling, navigate to the Category or Campaign screen, then select “Moderate”.

Moderate Ideas

From the Moderate screen, you can choose from a number of moderation actions including evaluating Ideas, changing Idea states, moving Ideas across Categories and Campaigns, editing tags or adding comments.

Moderate Actions

How Do I Communicate with Other Moderators about an Idea?

Moderators can communicate with each other about Ideas through private Moderator comments. To add a comment, select the Moderator Activity tab below the Idea’s description.

moderator tab

How Frequently Am I Notified about Ideas in Categories that I Moderate?

Kindling sends email notifications when there is new activity in Categories. You can opt to have emails sent to you as soon as activity relevant to you occurs in Kindling (instant notifications), or to have digests of all activity in Kindling sent to you on a daily or weekly basis. You can set your delivery preference in Notification Settings.