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Managing Workflow

How Do I Change the State of Ideas?

Kindling enables you to make decisions about multiple ideas simultaneously by changing the state of a group of Ideas. While within a Category/Campaign, choose the Moderate option, and then click Change State. You will be able to choose Ideas individually or filter them based on criteria such as vote count, current state, tags, or keywords.

bulk idea state

Click “Next Step” and choose the Idea State that you’d like to change these Ideas to. Click “Next Step” to add comments to these Ideas in order to provide some context or reasoning for the state change. Note that this comment will be made public, and will not be limited to Moderators only. Click “Next Step” once more to review your changes, and then click the “Make Changes” button.

You may also change the state of a single Idea. Simply open the Idea and select the “States” tab, beneath the Idea’s description.

state changes

A drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to alter the state of the Idea and provide a comment about the state change. Click the “Change Idea State” button to save the state change.

How Can I Customize the Idea Workflow for Kindling?

You can configure the Idea Workflow for your Kindling by selecting the gear icon from the top menu and choosing “Workflow”.

Manage Workflow

From this screen you can create custom Idea states, edit or hide existing states, or re-arrange the order in which they appear.

You may also customize the Idea workflow for individual Categories and Campaigns by selecting the gear icon from the top menu, choosing “Categories” or “Campaigns” and clicking on the name of the Category you'd like to manage. Then, proceed to “Step 4: Configure Workflow”, where you can adjust the workflow to meet the needs of the particular Category or Campaign.

Manage Workflow for Campaign or Category

How Do I Create a Custom Workflow State?

Select the gear in the top menu and click on “Workflow”. All of the current Workflow States will appear. To create a new State, type the name of the new State into the field labeled “New Idea State”, near the bottom of the screen.

When creating a custom state, you’ll indicate if the state represents a decision being made about the Idea. Decision States are unique in that they do not invite User voting, and reminders to re-engage with the Idea are not sent to Moderators. You will also indicate whether this new state should be hidden from existing Categories & Campaigns. Select “Save” to create a new State at the bottom of the list.

Create Custom Workflow States

How Do I Rearrange the Idea Workflow?

To reorder the states in Kindling’s Workflow, select “Manage...” -> “Workflow”. On the left side of every state, there is a grid of grey dots; click here and drag to move a state up or down the list.

arranging states

This does not affect the function of Workflow; an Idea need not move through the states in any particular order. However, reordering changes the order in which states are displayed to Moderators and in reports.

How Can I Edit a Custom Idea State?

Click on the “Edit” button to the right of a State name in the Manage Workflow screen, and enter the new name of the state. You can also change whether a custom state can be voted on. Selecting “Represents a Decision” indicates that a decision has been made on an Idea and voting is disabled while an Idea is in that state. Default states cannot be modified, but they can be hidden.

How Can I Hide an Idea State from View?

While you cannot delete an Idea state completely, you can hide states from the interface for Users and Moderators. Click on the gear in the top menu and select ”Workflow”, then select the “Hide” button next to the state you wish to hide.

States may also be hidden for particular Categories and Campaigns. To manage the Workflow for a Category or Campaign, click on the gear in the top menu and select “Categories” or “Campaigns”, then choose the name of the Category or Campaign you‘d like to manage. Proceed to “Step 4: Configure Workflow”, then select the “Hide” button next to the state you wish to hide.

States cannot be hidden if there are any Ideas in that state, and you will receive an error message if this is the case. There are a number of ways to find Ideas in the state, but the easiest is to use the “State” filter on the “All Ideas” view and limit the list to Ideas in the state. Any ideas in any Category in that state will be displayed.

Additionally, the Open state, which is the default for new Ideas, cannot be hidden.