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What Are Notifications?

Kindling contains two kinds of notifications: emails and in-app.

Email notifications are a great way for you to stay up-to-date on activity in Kindling without logging in every day. You can opt to have emails sent to you as soon as activity relevant to you occurs in Kindling (instant notifications), or to have digests of all activity in Kindling sent to you on a daily or weekly basis. Instant email notifications are sent when new content (an Idea or Post) is added or when an Idea's state changes. Email digests include updates about:

  • a new Idea or Post that's been created
  • a comment that's added to an Idea or Post
  • an Idea's state change

Additionally, Kindling will display a list of in-app notifications in the upper-right corner of the screen, when you select the bell icon. The number of unread notifications is displayed on the bell. Each notification contains a link to the Idea, Post, Assessment, or announcement you're being notified about, as well as what action you can take.

Video: Introduction to Email Notifications

What Notifications Are Displayed In Kindling?

The built-in Kindling notifications, announced through the bell icon in the upper-right of the application, are triggered whenever:

  • one of your Ideas is Approved or Completed
  • another participant shares an Idea, Post, Category, or Campaign with you
  • another participant mentions you in an Idea, Post or Comment
  • a Moderator sends you an Assessment or Evaluation to complete
  • experts you've requested Assessments or Evaluations from have finished their work (for Moderators only)
  • your idea receives 5 votes from other Users

From time to time, Kindling will announce new features and product releases via notifications as well.

notifications flyout

When Will I Be Notified About Ideas or Posts that I’m Following?

Following is a great way to stay in the conversation on the ideas you care most about. Once you follow an Idea or Post, you'll receive instant email notifications for all activity on the Idea/Post, including revisions, state changes and comments (unless your email notification preferences are set to “Never”).

You automatically follow your own Ideas/Posts, and any Ideas/Posts that you comment on, but you can always follow or un-follow any Idea or Post directly.

What Email Addresses Does Kindling Send Email from?

All of Kindling's notification emails come from `notifier@kindlingapp.com`.

Kindling's email newsletters come from `contact@kindlingapp.com`.

Kindling's tutorial emails come from `subscriptions@kindlingapp.com`.

How Do I Change My Notification Settings?

Kindling enables you to control the frequency with which you're notified about activity, such as new Ideas and Comments added to Kindling. To modify which notification emails you receive, click on your avatar in the top-right of the application and select “Settings”, then click on “Notifications”.

notifications pane

Each Category and Campaign you have access to is listed on this page, along with options for the frequency with which you'd like to receive notifications. Instant Notifications arrive as soon as a new Idea or Post is created in the Category you've set, or when the state of an Idea in that Category changes. Daily Digests arrive once per day at a time determined by your site administrator. They contain a bundle of all activity from all Categories with the Daily Digest setting. Likewise, Weekly Digests contain all of the activity from Categories with that setting; they arrive once per week. You may also elect not to receive notifications about a particular Category or Campaign by selecting the “Never” option.

If you no longer want to auto-follow or receive instant notifications about Ideas or Posts that you've authored or commented on, you can disable that behavior.

To turn off all automatic notification emails from Kindling, click the button labeled “Disable” under “Email Notifications”.

notifications pane

Save your changes by selecting "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Note: Regardless of your notification selections on this screen, you will receive a welcome email from Kindling when you activate your Kindling account. You will also receive an email if, at any time, another Kindling users addresses you directly by sharing an Idea with you or requesting your feedback in an Idea Assessment.