David Ashby

More Power to the Coach (Moderator)

Two months ago, we posted about the importance of the Moderator in the innovation management process: Feature Friday: Power to the Moderator.

At Kindling, we’re seeing more and more how critical the role of the Moderator is to your innovation program, echoed by some of our most successful customers. The Moderator is like a coach who keeps their team focused on the task at hand and motivates them to achieve their goals.

While innovation programs are meant to foster creativity and build a culture of positive collaboration, we’ve also heard from customers of certain instances when the platform was used to post something irrelevant or inflammatory.

Sometimes content isn’t productive. In these cases, a Moderator has two options: either respond that the comment isn’t helpful, or remove the post. We’ve recently added the remove functionality to give Moderators this option.

remove screenshot

To some, remove may seem counter-intuitive since one of the goals of the platform is to encourage all sorts of ideas from across an organization. However, situations where content needs to be quickly removed from public view can sometimes occur. The remove function ensures that Moderators have the option to remove non-constructive behavior or other misuses of the product.

The remove function enables Moderators to continue directing the innovation program forward with productive and actionable ideas. Moderators are key, and this is just one way we’ve made their jobs a little easier.

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