Kindling update — new design of the account bar and in-app notifications

Kindling update new design of the account bar and in-app notifications

One of our core beliefs at Kindling is that we need to provide our users with a way to navigate through the large amounts of content that an innovation program generates. People are busy — and we recognize the need to continually work to deliver relevant information to our users with the least amount of noise and intrusion.

We’re happy to announce that with tonight’s release, we’ve taken an important, foundational step towards this goal. Kindling now supports in-app notifications for key activities in the system. You’re likely familiar with in-app notifications, perhaps from Facebook or the other services you use. They are a means of raising your attention to key activities — in Kindling, the approval or completion of one of your ideas, that someone shared an idea with you, or that your expert feedback is required to help assess an idea — directly in the application.

We’re going to continue to add key events to the in-app notifications system, and begin to tweak when we send email notifications for activity. All towards the important goal of recognizing that you’re busy, delivering to you relevant information but otherwise getting out of the way (read: send less email). Like great software should.

You may also notice that we’ve redesigned the account bar to improve usability across all devices; it’s now at the top of the page, has one navigational layer, and incorporates in-app notifications.

Our Product and Engineering teams are proud of these changes, and we’re excited to continue to build upon the core strengths of Kindling — great design across all devices and thoughtful signal-to-noise management for our users.