• Release Notes

Kindling 3.61

This is our final update to the Kindling product. The Kindling product is now in maintenance mode where we will address only critical fixes, and no new features will be introduced. This update emphasizes expert participation, with the ability to extend evaluation timeframes, and invite new experts to complete an evaluation. To help ease migrations to the Spigit platform, we’ve also enabled administrators to export all of your data from Kindling.

In addition, customer support is now facilitated by the Spigit support team. You will need a username and password to access the support site. Kindling Administrators have been assigned access and can log in to ask questions, submit requests or chat with a support representative.

Administrators: Your username is your email address, and has already been added to our system. To set up your password, please go to support.spigit.com and click the 'Forgot my password' link. Here are some more tips on using Spigit support.




Extend Evaluation Due Dates

Moderators can adjust the due dates on evaluation requests to give their team of experts more time to complete an evaluation. Evaluation tasks are automatically updated with the new due date. To update an evaluation timeframe, go to the 'Manage Evaluations' screen and click on the 'In Progress' tab.

Manage In-Progress Evaluations

From here, select the gear icon on any evaluation, and click 'Edit' to make changes.

Edit Evaluations

From the 'Edit Basics' tab, you can modify the date of the evaluation.

Edit Evaluation Due Date

Engage New Experts In Your Evaluation

Moderators can add or remove experts from evaluation requests to engage new team members in Idea review, or remove experts who are unavailable to complete an evaluation. To add or remove experts, go to the 'Manage Evaluations' screen and click on the 'In Progress' tab. From here, select the gear icon on any evaluation, and click 'Edit' to make changes. Click on the 'Edit Recipients' tab, or select 'Next Step' to update and submit your changes.

Edit Recipients


New Metrics for Idea & Post Engagement

With a new report measuring shares, Moderators and Admins have another metric to gauge the traction of Ideas and Posts. The Idea/Post Shares report includes all Ideas and Posts that have been shared, the people who have shared them, as well as an indicator of whether they’ve been viewed by the person with whom they were shared.

Export Content From Kindling

Administrators can easily export Kindling content from the 'Application Settings' menu. Simply click on the 'Export' tab and select the export format — Excel, JSON or CSV.

Export from Kindling

Bug Fixes

Editing Posts: Posts in ended Campaigns were not editable.

Invalid Email Addresses: Kindling will automatically stop sending email to users whose email addresses reject our digests and notifications.