Volunteering – the Ultimate Engagement with an Innovation Program

Volunteering - the Ultimate Engagement with an Innovation Program

Remember that old saying “It takes a village to raise a child”? While I don’t know much about raising children – don’t worry, I’m not a even parent yet – I do know a little something about innovation and what it takes to nurture ideas into full grown projects (see what I did there?). As someone who is immersed in the planning of our product, I realize that it takes more than just one person with a really good idea to make great things happen. Kindling realizes that too, and that’s why users have the ability to volunteer for ideas they want to help accomplish.

Volunteering is an essential part of a healthy Innovation Program. Now it’s easier than ever to keep track of the ideas you’ve decided to participate in with our new “Volunteers” tab!

It all began with giving users the ability to volunteer and help in accomplishing their peers’ ideas. By selecting the “gear” icon within an idea, users can view a drop down menu with “Volunteer” as one of the options.

Not only will you receive an email notifying you when your peers have volunteered for your great idea, their avatars will also be displayed next to your content!

Now, introducing the brand new “Volunteered” tab, seen on the Ideas page. Here is where Kindling users can keep track of every idea they have volunteered for within their organization’s app. Gone are the days of searching through hundreds of ideas to find that one idea you had volunteered for.

We, and our customers, talk a lot about engagement with the software platform. But zoom out a bit—what’s a better demonstration of people’s engagement with your Innovation Program than someone taking time out of of their busy workday to raise their hand to help bring an idea from concept to reality?

Volunteering, the ultimate form of engagement.