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Which Reports Are Available to Me as a Moderator?

Moderators can access the following Reports for Categories and Campaigns that they moderate:

  • Category Details
  • Category/Campaign Engagement
  • Idea Details
  • Idea Comments
  • Idea Workflow Summary
  • Idea Workflow Details

These reports are designed to allow the Moderator to track the success of their Campaigns and Categories and the progress of Ideas submitted to them.

How Can I See How My Campaign or Category Is Going?

The Category Details report will give you a high level overview of how many Ideas and Posts have been added to your Category or Campaign. For a more in-depth look at engagement, the Category/Campaign Engagement report is a great way to monitor the health of a particular Campaign or Category. It indicates the level of engagement of each participant across a variety of matrices, including the frequency of views and of Idea, Comment, and Post submissions.

How Can I See Who’s Most Engaged in My Campaign or Kindling as a Whole?

Through the Engagement by User report you can see who is most engaged in your Category or Campaign and the different types of participation—viewing, commenting, submitting Ideas and Posts. Use the leaderboard, which can be sorted by timeframe, for a quick look at who is most engaged in Kindling.

How Can I Look at Ideas Comparatively?

The Idea details report enables you look at Ideas comparatively and to sort by popularity (votes, views), level of community support (votes, comments, volunteers) and other characteristics. Using the “Moderate Ideas” feature, you can compare and take action on Ideas in a Category/Campaign based on vote count and state using the “Change State”, “Change Category/Campaign” or “Add Comment” actions, or based on tags using the “Edit Tags” action.

How Can I See Where the Backlog of Ideas Are in My Evaluation Process?

Using the Idea Workflow Summary Report, you can see where Ideas are in the evaluation process. To drill down into specific Ideas and the states they are in, use the Idea Details report sorted by idea state or the Category/Campaign view which displays all Ideas that have been submitted. In that view, use the filter selection at the top (need a screenshot) to find Ideas in particular states.

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How Can I See a Comprehensive List of Volunteers?

The Idea Details report will allow you to see which Users have volunteered for Ideas in Kindling. To view this report, click the menu button in the top menu, choose “Reports”, then select “Idea Details”.

Access Reports

How Can I See All of the Tags in a Category/Campaign that I’m Moderating?

The exported version of the Idea Details report will display all of the tags associated with Ideas. To access this report, click the menu button in the top menu, choose “Reports”, then select “Idea Details”.

Access Reports

Once you have selected your report criteria, click the “Export” button. The report will be downloaded in .csv format. You can then see the tags associated with each Idea listed in the tags column.

How Can I search for Particular Tags in a Category/Campaign that I’m Moderating?

To search for tags, while within a Category/Campaign you are moderating, choose the “Moderate” option, and click the “Edit Tags” button.

Search Tag

To search for a tag, click on the “Filters” button and enter the tag into the tags field. The tag you entered will appear below the tags field.

Search Tag

You may also enter multiple tags following this same process. Once you are finished entering your tags, click “Apply”.

Any Ideas with those tags for which you filtered will then be displayed.