Top 5 Sales Management Software

Top 5 Sales Management Software

No business would exist if its products or services were not being purchased by customers or clients. That leads us to the conclusion that the most important function within a business is sales. In some companies, this could be a whole team of sales staff, a single salesperson, or their online activities.

To ensure that their sales processes are as effective as possible, it is recommended that a business utilises sales management software. This provides several benefits including having data relating to sales conversions, the means to forecast sales, and also being able to analyze sales performance.

If you are not using sales management software, or feel that the current sales management software you are currently using is not satisfactory, then here are 5 of the top sales management software currently available.

1: EngageBay

Suitable For: Freelancers, Small to Medium Businesses

This is a platform that helps businesses manage their sales, marketing, customer support and CRM. Some of the specific features include deal management which presents a visual outline of individual deals as they progress. Its customer support features include Live Chat and email tracking.

As for marketing your business, EngageBay allows you to create landing pages and email sequences so that you can implement an email marketing campaign directly from the interface.

A team of up to 15 people can access the software and its simple drag and drop functionality mean that the learning curve is not difficult.

2: Monday

Suitable For: Small To Large Businesses

This sales management software provides businesses with sales prospect CRM so that their sales team can follow the progress of each lead and thus help to close more sales as a result. Lead management, calendars, and activity logs are just some of its features.

One of its top features is the ability for sales managers or trainers to set up onboarding plans for new staff to train them and follow their progress through it. Monday has a simple interface, a free trial and four pricing levels related to the number of functions a business requires.

3: Freshworks CRM

Suitable For: Small to Large teams

This will be of particular interest to those sales managers whose sales teams operate within defined territories. It has a sales territory management system whereby individual territories can be defined, assigned to sales staff, and managed thereafter.

It also has excellent CRM software that provides email activity tracking and leads management and scoring. Speaking of leads, it supports several lead capture features such as email sign up forms, and this process can be automated to allocate individual leads to specific sales staff.

A free trial is available for up to 21 days, and if you decide to continue using Freshworks CRM there is the choice of four pricing plans with increased functionality as you go up the pricing ladder.

4: Copper

Suitable For: Freelancers, Small To Large Businesses

This sales and CRM software enables you to track each sale from the moment the lead is captured through to the sales being closed and even thereafter as you continue to communicate with customers.

It provides an automated workflow feature and can track lead sources, account histories and you also have a function that tracks your competition.

As you communicate with leads as they go through your sales flow, real-time alerts ensure you are aware the second any lead opens an email. A 14-day free trial is offered plus three pricing plans based on functions, lead numbers and user numbers.

5: HubSpot

Suitable For: Freelancers, Small To Large Businesses

HubSpot is another sales/CRM software that is an all-in-one solution for companies to manage their leads, sales, and customer service, and provides the relevant information in real-time.

The sales pipeline can be monitored and tracked at every stage, and for salespeople, HubSpot is an excellent tool to manage contacts. With its integration with Gmail or Outlook, email opens are notified immediately.

Live Chat and Live Bots are also an option, and it also has excellent customer service features including tickets and reporting on resolution times.

One of the top attractions of HubSpot is that it is free to use.