• Basics


How Do I Create an Idea?

There are several ways to contribute an idea to Kindling. The first way is by selecting “Ideas” from the top menu and click the “Create” tab.

Idea Tab

Create Idea Tab

The second method to create an idea is to select the “Create Idea” button from the menu at the top of the page.

Create Idea Button

The third method on how to create an idea is to select “Create Idea” from the Campaign or Category view.

Create Idea In Category

Every Idea consists of a title and, optionally, a description. The title should capture the essence of your Idea in one short phrase, while the description elaborates on the Idea, giving all of the details that other users will need in order to understand what you're proposing and why. You also must select a Category or Campaign for the Idea from the menu. Categories are how Ideas are organized in Kindling; choose one that your Idea is most relevant to.

new idea top half

You can also add some Tags to make it easier for other participants to discover your Idea. As you type, Kindling will suggest existing keywords. To add multiple tags at once, enter a list of keywords separated by commas.

new idea bottom half

Once you're satisfied, click "Contribute this Idea" and your Idea will be added to Kindling. Alternatively, you can save a draft of the Idea to come back to later, or click "Preview" to see what the Idea would look like once you've created it.

How Do I Vote on an Idea?

When viewing an Idea, voting buttons appear on the right-hand side of the page. You will see how many people have voted for the Idea, and the number of votes currently available to you in the Idea’s Category. Press the + button to vote for the Idea, and - to retract your vote(s).

voting buttons

Votes demonstrate the popularity of an Idea to moderators, and are a primary criterion for most organizations when deciding which Ideas to implement.

You may want to vote on Ideas while in Category View. In this mode, voting buttons appear to the right of Idea titles, along with the current vote total.

category voting buttons

How Do I Add Multimedia to an Idea?

There are two ways to add images or video to an Idea. The first is to use the built-in upload system at the bottom of the Idea description.

ideas attachments

Media uploaded here will appear below the Idea description when it’s displayed to users. Images will be displayed inline, while video will, after a short wait, be available to play back within the browser.

To add video or images hosted elsewhere on the internet, click on the relevant button at the top of the Idea description and enter the URL of the image or video.

ideas insert image

Media uploaded using this second method is displayed wherever you have placed it in the Idea description.

Clicking on the Insert/Edit Image button will pop up the following dialogue:

ideas image dialog

The image URL is the location on the internet of the image to be shown. It should be the image alone, not the web page it's contained in (the URL should end with .jpg or .png).

Clicking on Insert/Edit Embedded Media will pop up this dialogue:

ideas embedded dialogue

Enter the URL of the video you'd like to include. Youtube and Vimeo links, for example, will automatically be parsed. From the 'Source' tab, users proficient in HTML can directly modify the HTML source for the embedded media.

How Can I Host a Video in Kindling?

Videos are a great way to help illustrate ideas that you have contributed to Kindling. To upload video to an idea, use the built-in upload system at the bottom of the Idea description.

multimedia attachments

Once uploaded, Kindling will re-encode and store the video to make it available for streaming across all browsers and on all devices.

How Do I Edit an Idea after I’ve Created It?

To edit an Idea you've created, click on the "Edit" button above the Idea.

Edit Idea Button

When editing an Idea, you can change the title and description, add tags or upload files. You can also change the Idea’s Category, but be aware that when an Idea moves from one Category to another, the votes will not follow the Idea.

How Can I Move My Idea to a New Category or Campaign?

To move an Idea you've created into a new Category or Campaign, click on the "Edit" button above the Idea.

Edit Idea Button

Then, scroll down to the Idea’s Category selection, which appears beneath the Idea Description, and select the name of the Category or Campaign that you'd like to move the Idea to. Finally, click 'Update this Idea' to save your changes.

Be advised that when moving Ideas from one Category to another, the votes will not follow the Idea.

How Can I See All of the Ideas I’ve Created in Kindling?

From the menu at the top of the screen, select your avatar and then choose "View Profile" from the menu.

profile menu

Your profile will list all the Ideas you've contributed to Kindling, and is visible to all other participants in Kindling by clicking on your username anywhere in Kindling.

How Can I Share an Idea with Another User?

If you want to call attention to an Idea in Kindling you think other users would find interesting, you can send them an email about the Idea by opening the Actions Menu in the upper-right and clicking Share. Kindling will prompt you for the names or email addresses of users who have access to the Category the Idea is in. You can also add a note explaining why you're sharing it.

Ideas can only be shared with users who have access to the Idea being shared.

How Can I Volunteer to Help Implement an Idea?

When viewing an Idea, open the Actions Menu in the upper-right of the Idea and select "Volunteer". Participants who have volunteered for an Idea are listed underneath it. You may unvolunteer for an Idea at any time by opening the Actions Menu again and selecting "Unvolunteer".

The "Volunteered" tab in the Ideas view displays all ideas that you have volunteered for.

Volunteered Tab

How Can I Acknowledge Other Users Who Helped Generate an Idea?

When creating or editing your Idea, you can add other users in Kindling who may have helped shape the Idea by marking them as Contributors. To add a user, select the “Contributors” tab beneath the Idea description box and begin typing their name into the box. Kindling will automatically suggest other users as you type.


Users will be notified via email and in-app notifications when they’re added as a Contributor. They gain reputation points for being added to your Idea, and also gain points for your Idea being Approved or Completed.

How Do I Delete an Idea?

Moderators and Administrators can remove ideas from view by opening the Idea, clicking on the action menu, and selecting "Remove".

remove idea

Deleted Ideas are listed in the Removed Entities Report.

Can I Preview an Idea before I Submit it?

When creating an Idea, click the “Preview” button at the bottom-right of the page to see how it will appear on the site. Previews are only available once a Draft of your Idea has been created. To continue editing your Idea, click the "Continue editing" button at the top of your screen. To submit your Idea, click "Contribute this Idea".

Edit or Contribute

How Do I Follow an Idea?

When viewing an Idea in activity feeds or the Idea view, open the Actions Menu in the upper-right of the Idea and select "Follow".

Follow an Idea

An Idea that you've followed will show up on your homepage under the "Followed" tab, and you'll receive extra email notifications about comments and other activity on an Idea you follow.

An Idea can be unfollowed by opening the Actions Menu and selecting "Unfollow". No other participants can see which ideas you've followed or unfollowed.

You automatically follow your own Ideas, and those that you've commented on.

What Are Idea Recommendations?

Kindling learns what sorts of Ideas interest you based on the Ideas you propose and the Ideas you vote for, as well as your searches, skills, and interests. Ideas you haven’t seen yet appear in the Recommended tab on the homepage.


Video: Introduction to Idea Recommendations

Can I Translate Other Users’ Ideas into My Native Language?

If your account administrator has enabled Google Translation support as well as multiple languages, Kindling will display a button labeled “Translate” in the bottom-right of any Idea or Post.

google translate

When clicked, the contents of the Idea or Post, including all of the comments, will be translated into the same language as your interface. For example, if your interface is set to French-Canadian, and you click translate on an Idea in English, the system will translate it to French for you. To switch back to the original language, click Translate again.