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Google Authentication

What Are Some Advantages to Google Authentication?

For organizations already using Google Apps, Google authentication for Kindling provides a great login alternative that leverages your existing Google credentials. Setup is simple and participants can start using Kindling at the click of a button, without having to keep track of a separate Username and password for Kindling.

How Do I Set Up Google Authentication?

To set up Google Authentication, simply let the Support team know that you’d like to take advantage of this feature and provide us with your Google domain. We’ll configure your account to provide Google authentication as an option on your login screen.

How Does Google Authentication Work?

Once Google Authentication is configured for your Kindling, you will see a second option on the login screen to “Login with Google”.

Login with Google

If you‘re already logged into Google in that browser, clicking the “Login with Google” button will take you straight into Kindling. Otherwise, Google will prompt you to provide your Username and password. On your first Kindling login, Google will ask you to authorize use of credentials for Kindling. Then you‘ll be guided through the Kindling account activation process, where your email address and name will be pre-filled from Google‘s directory store.