Sima Shimansky

Feature Spotlight: Cloning Evaluations

With the newest update to Kindling, Moderators can now clone evaluations, saving them a tremendous amount of time, helping lead to faster, more informed decision-making.

Innovation is a game of asking the right questions. When challenging employees with a new initiative, innovation leaders often begin by identifying a very specific set of questions that determine the context for the challenge, like:

  • What goal are we trying to achieve?
  • How much time and resources do we have to dedicate to this?
  • How will this address a specific internal or external/customer need?
  • How will this differentiate us from our competitors?

These questions become the base criteria by which ideas are judged and decided upon.

The more planning you put into establishing solid criteria, the more successful you can expect to be. These characteristics guide both participants in knowing what traits their ideas should embody, and Moderators in understanding the factors that influence their decisions. Moderators can then efficiently engage experts in idea evaluation, narrow down their pool of ideas and provide quick feedback to participants, buoying a healthy cycle of collaboration towards a common goal.

While coming up with the initial criteria can take time, evaluating ideas based on that criteria shouldn’t have to. With last week’s Kindling release we introduced the concept of cloning Evaluations. This gives Moderators the ability, with one click, to reuse your carefully crafted questions and criteria to analyze new ideas and reach out to experts for feedback. Have a new set of ideas to put through the wringer or a new team to tap for their input? No problem! Simply clone an existing evaluation to quickly get moving.

Feature Breakdown

Moderators and Administrators can now clone evaluations from the Manage Evaluations screen by clicking on the gear icon and selecting ‘Clone’.

Select Clone

Evaluation type, evaluation questions, criteria and messaging will all pre-selected, saving you even more valuable time as you gather feedback about your best Ideas.

Pre-selected Criteria

Now Moderators can evaluate ideas and streamline their evaluation process. No need to reinvent the wheel when all ideas can to be evaluated consistently and by the same business constraints.