Sima Shimansky

Feature Friday: Email-Based Smart Groups

With the latest release of Kindling, Administrators can create Smart Groups based on a list of email addresses, ensuring that new participants have immediate access to specific Categories and Campaigns the first time they log in. As more participants join your innovation team, the Group can be modified to include them.

This access Group is most useful for Kindling accounts where users are being managed via an external authentication source, like SAML, LDAP, or Google, where you may want to assign a user to a Group before they have accessed Kindling. (When managing users through Kindling's built-in, email-based authentication, users can instead be assigned to Groups during the invite process.)

Prior to this release, customers using SAML, LDAP or Google for logging into Kindling needed to wait for participants to log into the platform before assigning them to Groups, or use the Kindling API to set up access prior to login. This new Smart Group is available directly from Kindling’s Manage Groups panel, making access management simply more accessible.

Feature Breakdown

Administrators can create an email-based Smart Group from the Manage > Groups screen by selecting the Create tab and opting for “I want to add people by criterion”

Add People By Criterion

From the Select Members tab, select the option “All Users with an email in the following list”, then enter or copy and paste a list of email addresses in the text box below that option. Email addresses may be comma separated, or entered on separate lines.

Enter Email Addresses

Select the Categories & Campaigns that this Smart Group will have access to, and create the Group.

Select Categories and Campaigns

To add or remove email addresses from the Smart Group email list, click on Manage > Groups and select your Group from the Smart Groups tab. Then modify the email list from the Select Members tab and submit your changes.