Sima Shimansky

Feature Friday: Liking Comments

Innovation is powered by great conversation. New ideas introduce what’s possible, but it’s the discussions around them that help ideas materialize into tangible projects and plans. Recently, we introduced comment liking, an easy way to give someone a thumbs up on a great comment. With Likes you can support and elevate the comments that drive ideas forward, while helping participants quickly identify the comments most valued by the community. This, in turn, brings added energy to the very conversations that will propel your team’s next big idea.

Feature Breakdown

You can like comments (your own, and comments submitted by others) in Ideas and Posts, or directly from the activity feed on the home screen. Once you like a comment, the thumbs up symbol will highlight, indicating that you’ve activated it.

Like Comments

You can always remove your Like by clicking a second time.

Likes are displayed in comments on Ideas and Posts, as well as in new comments on the home screen and in digests. A count of likes appears on comments, and you can mouse over that count to see up to five participants who most recently liked the comment.

See Who Liked a Comment

Likes on comments are tracked in the Idea Comments report so Moderators can easily identify the most valuable comments that might help with decision-making. Reputation points are awarded to commenters when their comments are liked.