Tim Meaney

Spigit acquires Kindling

Eight or so years ago we had an idea. An idea that software you use in your workday could be as enjoyable to use as that which you choose to use in your personal life, on your phone. Most importantly, an idea that a small group of talented people could build a new kind of enterprise software company.

I’m very happy to announce that this idea will live on, but not directly as Kindling, as Kindling has been acquired by Spigit. Spigit is the largest (and highest-ranked) provider of innovation management software, and they share our thinking around these important ideas. This is a proud moment for me personally, and for all of us at Kindling.

What does this mean for you, Kindling’s customers? Spigit shares Kindling’s focus on the customer, and the same dedication to the focus you’ve come to expect from us. Spigit has significant resources to bring to bear towards the success of your innovation program.—and With a global HQ in San Francisco, a European HQ in London, and an Asia-Pacific HQ in Sydney, Spigit is a perfect fit for Kindling’s global customer base. The Kindling Team with whom who you’ve worked with over these years will be joining Spigit, and continuing will continue to support you towards achieving your innovation goals.

The combining of Kindling and Spigit also provides existing Kindling customers access to a more robust application and expansive support teams designed to improve customer experience and most importantly, value-based outcomes from their innovation and continual process improvement programs. For those desiring greater and more scalable functionality, Spigit will offer migration programs to Spigit's world-class software platform.

A company is a shared idea in the minds of the people who care about it. I’m forever thankful for this idea, and the customers, employees, investors, and the rest of the network of individuals who helped to make this idea a reality.

You can learn more about Spigit at www.spigit.com.

Tim Meaney, CEO Kindling