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What you get

  • Fully-featured Kindling

    Industry-leading innovation software with as many user accounts as you need, customized for your innovation program’s success.

  • Dedicated account management

    You get a real human being dedicated to your success—from onboarding, to sharing best practices, to answering your support needs.

  • No training required

    Kindling engages your busy users instantly with its frictionless design.

  • Make decisions

    Use Kindling’s robust evaluation tools to make decisions and realize your team’s next great idea.

  • Protect your data

    Multiple levels of security protocols and three levels of user permissions ensure security and protection for all your intellectual property.

  • Work on any device

    Designed to respond to mobile, tablet, or desktop, Kindling puts the ability to contribute in users’ hands regardless of the screen they’re holding.

  • Collaborate globally

    Interact in your own language, with translation tools and worldwide infrastructure to ensure your team can work together from anywhere.

Enterprise-level features

  • Custom domain & styling

    Use your custom domain and brand your Kindling to integrate with your culture of innovation for higher user engagement, better participation, and more creative ideas.

  • Industry standard authorization

    We support SAML, Okta, OneLogin, or Google Apps authorization, as well as LDAP, so there are fewer hoops for your team members to jump through.

  • Access to API

    Our well-documented API allows your team to easily integrate Kindling content into your existing corporate systems, from intranet to reporting.

  • Content import

    However you were organizing your ideas before, we’ll help you import them into Kindling, so your team can seamlessly move right to getting creative.

  • Yammer integration

    Kindling plays nice with Yammer by broadcasting relevant content into your team’s social feed to facilitate collaboration.

  • Message vault (add-on service)

    Optionally, Kindling can securely archive every action, comment, and change made by your users, so you can maintain your records and regulatory compliance effortlessly.

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