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What Is the Kindling API?

Kindling exposes a powerful RESTful API, enabling you to integrate your innovation content with in-house applications or to update your Kindling content programmatically. Using Kindling‘s API, not only can you access your Kindling content, but you can also activate and deactivate Users, manage User settings, create and modify Ideas and Posts, add comments and manage Groups and Categories.

For details about API implementation, navigate to /api/docs on your Kindling instance and log in.

What Are Some Examples of Things I Can Do with the API?

There are a wide variety of things that can be achieved with the Kindling API. One example is a small application that bridges the gap between Kindling and a complete project-management system such as Jira or Salesforce. Another option might be a plugin for your corporate dashboard that displays the five most recent Ideas to the entire company.

The API also allows for programmatic management of Users—if your company undergoes a change in your email naming scheme, for example, you could write a script that would change all of your Users’ accounts to the new email addresses via the API.

How Do I Access the Kindling API?

You can access your API by appending /api/ to your Kindling URL, followed by the resource you would like to access. For instance, to access Ideas, your URL would look like: https://yourdomain.kindlingapp.com/api/ideas. You will be prompted to log into the API using a Kindling username and password. If you do not have a username and password, or if you are using enterprise access methods such as SAML, Google Auth or LDAP, you will need to be invited into Kindling through the "Manage" > "Users" panel to create a user account for use with the API.

Once logged in, permissions match the access levels on your Kindling website. Kindling participants have access only to areas they‘ve been granted permission to see, while Kindling administrators can access all API resources and all Categories and Campaigns.

When I request information through the API, in what format is it returned?

API requests are returned in JSON format. Kindling automatically pages the results to limit the response size to a manageable amount of data.

To adjust the amount of responses returned, use the limit parameter as follows: https://yourdomain.kindlingapp.com/api/ideas?limit=50

To access a specific page of responses, use the page parameter: https://yourdomain.kindlingapp.com/api/ideas?page=3

Can I perform keyword searches with the API?

Yes, you can perform keyword searches using the q parameter to provide your keyword: https://yourdomain.kindlingapp.com/api/categories?q=product

This method will return items which include an exact match to the keyword provided.

You can also perform more in-depth keyword searches of the Ideas, Posts & Users resources: https://yourdomain.kindlingapp.com/api/posts/search?q=product

This method mimics the search capability on your Kindling site, and will return exact matches to the keyword provided, as well as "fuzzy" matches where the wording is similar to the keyword provided.